Number Theory

Little Black Dog

There was an old man named Billy who claimed that he was being followed around by a little black dog. He said it followed him wherever he went and wouldn’t leave him alone. Billy could often be seen hollering and cursing and throwing rocks, trying to drive the dog away. All of the people in

Virtuality Versus Reality

Actually I was struggling with my thinking what to write for Sunshine. Through the struggle, I took my phone and logged in to Facebook and started to surf news feed. While I was about to log out I saw a post something like this, “I am feeling so happy because I just met one of

Deceiving Your Age

What do you think? If you dream anything can you fulfill it? Will your age be an obstacle to fulfill your dream? No, Age is nothing but a word, its just a number. Today I am telling you guys about a living legend who conquered the age limit. She is Nola Ochs, who has two

Concern For Khowai : The Present and The Old

There are many worth mentioning rivers, haor-baor, beel, hilly lands, forest lands in Habiganj District. Khowai, Shutang, Kushiara, Ratna, Shutki, Sonai, Karangi, Zingri, Veramohona, Barak, Bijna etc. rivers of amazing artistic names surround the town, Habiganj. But, for the imprudence of the land pirates, sand buccaneers and for some specific reasons, the existence of these

Elephants and Hares

Once upon a time, a group of elephants lived in a forest. The elephants were lead by a king elephant. One summer, the water in the area where they lived dried up. The elephants were starving without water. The king elephant knew about another lake in that forest. He decided to take other elephants to

Ting! Ting! Programming

Do you play video games? Always busy with your android smart phone or tab? Busy with your I-pad? Or always busy with you computer? Do you know how all these works? These all works and are designed with a word ‘Programming’. We make programmes with specific direction and set on those device. Then these device

Bermuda Triangle: Where Facts Disappear

Recently, some people have wondered if there is a Bermuda Triangle connection in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 , even though the jet went missing halfway around the world. Bermuda Triangle is a strange triangular area on the Atlantic ocean where many ships sailing through it or planes  passing over it have disappeared

Triumph Of Bangladesh Cricket

In 2011, when the first ever cricket world cup was played in Bangladesh, it was a grand event not only for the cricketers of Bangladesh but for each and every citizen of our country. The Bangladesh Cricket team has now successfully defeated the top-ranked opponents in last 8 months. They have created history almost every

Auro and The Blue Bird

Once, there lived a small boy named Auro. He was daring and liked adventure. He used to surf everwhere. Even in the deep forests, high mounteins, curvy rivers and so on. As he travels a lot, once he made a friend, a beautiful blue bird. Auro and his friend the blue bird, used to always