Auro and The Blue Bird

Once, there lived a small boy named Auro. He was daring and liked adventure. He used to surf everwhere. Even in the deep forests, high mounteins, curvy rivers and so on. As he travels a lot, once he made a friend, a beautiful blue bird. Auro and his friend the blue bird, used to always stay together, gossip and go roaming here and there.

The blue bird was totally different from other birds. There is a saga about this bird, it could roam the whole world and see many things. This blue bird had survived thousands of years from the past till now. Sagely, It knew about many things of the world. It was a surviving witness of lots of incidents happened in this mysterious world. Hence, Auro was used to listen the stories of the entire world from the blue bird.

One day, the blue bird was seemed to be glumly. Auro asked the blue bird, “Why are you sad, friend? You look distressed. Then the bird started telling about its grief, “I survived lot of years and I observed the human. Human was the best, the most elegant, the most righteous living being, but these no more. Now there is no real human, everyone is being depraved gradually. That is why my mind is filled with agony.”

Listening all this, Auro also felt affliction. He felt distressed for his friend’s agony. Again Auro asked the blue bird, “How people became so unprincipled?” The bird replied, “The sun provides the earth with light without any pledge. The moon enlightens the night of the earth with the moonlight, not taking any barter. The earth provides evrything that people need, the plants are providing flowers and fruits, foods without taking any pawn from human. Though people consume and squander all these, they behave arrogant as swaggerer. If people would stop boasting and being self-conceit, this beautiful earth would be more lovely and wonderful.”

After hearing everything Auro told, “You don’t need to worry friend, I will not be like those vainglorious people, I will grow up as a modest and a good man.


by Mahmud Arefin

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