Bermuda Triangle: Where Facts Disappear

Recently, some people have wondered if there is a Bermuda Triangle connection in the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 , even though the jet went missing halfway around the world. Bermuda Triangle is a strange triangular area on the Atlantic ocean where many ships sailing through it or planes  passing over it have disappeared without a trace. In few of such cases where wrecks could be found, the crew had vanished. And such incidents have been happening since centuries. So looking for the facts behind the mystery of Bermuda Triangle?

More than 1000 ships and planes have disappeared in the triangle area over the past five centuries and continue to do so. And all these happen when apparently there are no human errors, equipment failures or even natural disasters. Strangely, the ships and aircraft just vanish when everything seems to be okay. Many believe that Devil is at play here and therefore call the area also as Devil’s Triangle. The facts however are quite far from what is generally known or believed to be true. There are many stories and myths created through sheer imagination by writers who have used them rampantly to draw publicity to their  books. In many cases, the facts got blurred. But one thing which is beyond doubt is, far too many incidents have taken place in this area for it to be ignored casually or interpreted to be just another normal ocean area.

So where is Bermuda Triangle located and how large is the area? Is there a map? And do you get to know  when exactly you cross the line and enter the area? By the simplest of all definitions, Bermuda Triangle is located off the South-Eastern coast of the United States  and in the Atlantic Ocean. The three corners of the triangle are: Miami (in Florida); San Juan (in Puerto Rico); and Bermuda (a north-Atlantic island). The disappearances have mostly taken  place near the southern boundary of the triangle between Florida and Puerto Rico. You can always argue that it’s obvious  because that’s where the area of the triangle is widest and therefore such possibilities should be more anyway! But the area is not as simple as it appears  in the picture above. In order to know  more about its location, how the area is  actually laid out in the Atlantic, and  whether you will ever know when you are entering the dreaded Bermuda triangle area as you take a cruise or flight, So the next question is why the name “Bermuda Triangle”? At the time of coining the term, the first name that came up was “Miami Triangle”. But Florida objected saying that they would lose visitors to Miami with such name as people would fear to come there. So the next name taken up was “Puerto Rico Triangle”. Puerto Rico too raised objections. Then it was the turn for the 21 square mile tiny island Bermuda which forms the third corner of the triangle. And no one seems to have  bothered. Bermuda was then also known as the “Isle of the Devils” which fitted to the triangle concept quite well and therefore the final name “Bermuda  Triangle” was coined.

 Over the past centuries, many ships and air planes have disappeared or met with fatal accidents in the triangular area on Atlantic ocean known as Bermuda Triangle. In several cases, no trace of the ships and aircraft were found even after thorough search operations were carried out for hundreds and thousands of square miles in the ocean. Such incidents of disappearances have been known since 1400s and have continued even in 21st century. While there are various explanations and theories behind such incidents, in many cases the incidents have remained unexplained. In a shocking incident of 1945, a whole bunch of five training flights that took off from Florida naval base under the leadership of an experienced captain, never returned to the base. All are clueless as to what may have happened to it. In fact a Martin Mariner flying boat that was sent for the search operation, also went missing. In another incident of 1918, a large well known cargo ship went missing in the triangle area without a trace with over 300 crew members on board. This was probably one of the largest loss of lives on Bermuda triangle. And there are many more such incidents. While theories such as methane gas blow out below the ocean causing ships to sink, electronic fog engulfing a flight or ship and then taking it to unknown zones, hurricanes destroying aircraft, and lot more of such theories have come up trying to explain such cases, but nobody has been able to pinpoint which incident of disappearance took place exactly for which cause.

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by Sayma Siddika

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