Deceiving Your Age

What do you think? If you dream anything can you fulfill it? Will your age be an obstacle to fulfill your dream? No, Age is nothing but a word, its just a number. Today I am telling you guys about a living legend who conquered the age limit. She is Nola Ochs, who has two world records. She is the world’s oldest Graduate, who did her graduation in 95, and earned her Masters degree in the age of 98.

15 May, 2010. There was a quite a big gathering of students at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. They were given a Masters Degree. Most of them were 20-21 years old, like Alexandra Ocks, the grand-daughter of Nola Ochs. You could think that the 98 years old lady came to enjoy with her grand-daughter and sons. But no, she came there to receive her Masters Degree! She had a braided hair though her every hair is white, with a mortarboard on the head. But in her face there was no tiredness of age. Her head is only five feet two inches from the ground, but her mental limit is yet to touch the sky.

Nola Ochs born in 22nd November, 1911, in USA. She studyied till 8th grade in Brown City. She took college courses again from Dodge City Community College in Dodge city. There was much hardship in Nola’s family, That’s why she took a job as teacher in a school. In 1933, when Nola Ochs was married with Vernon Ochs, she left the job. After marriege there was also financial problems in Nola’s family. She had four children. Nola even worked as a farmer by cultivating wheat to meet the hardship of her family. And there was too more hardship that her husband Vernon Ochs Died in 1972. But she didn’t gave up. Conquering all the obstacles, she made world records. What is the reason behind her success? Listen from her, “I love to study. My family and friends are really very good and helpful to me. They respected my destiny, may be that’s why I was always mentally ahead. Never even I thought that I will loose. I had that confidence that I will fight to the last. I knew that I would have to work hard a lot, and I did. Even I didn’t miss a single class for the excuse of age. I didn’t take some special care from my teachers. I studyied because I love to study. I never played hide and seek with my dreams. My will is my inspiration. Giving an excuse of age, stoping in the middle of the struggle was against my interest. Because if I would show an excuse of age that would be the biggest  encumbrance in the way of my dream. To me, Age is nothing but a number.” says Nola.

So, the dreamers, who dream to change youself, dream to do something for your country, dream to change the whole world, do you know what Nola Ochs tell you? “There remains another entity in every person, where one’s secret dreams live. The desire of one’s destiny lives there. May be someone thinks that he/she would not be able to reach that, but it’s not true. Success is not a difficult thing when you have your will power and intentness. But that should come from your heart. I tell everyone that you may have a lot of thing in your mind. Choose that one you like most. And work hard according to that. Never give up. Your dream must come true.”

When Nola had the Masters Degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in History at Fort Hays State University, she said, “I would like, in the long run, to encourage people to keep on learning. Our education is never complete.”

Now after the age of 100 she is writing a book with the name ‘Nola Remembers’.

So, guys, if you think that you don’t have enough time to achieve your destiny, you are in the wrong line. Be passionate about your dream and work hard. Best of luck.


by Anwar Hakim Tamim

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