Ting! Ting! Programming

Do you play video games? Always busy with your android smart phone or tab? Busy with your I-pad? Or always busy with you computer? Do you know how all these works? These all works and are designed with a word ‘Programming’. We make programmes with specific direction and set on those device. Then these device works. Who does programming is called a programmer.

Now-a-days, we are being familiar with the word ‘Programming’. Some of us are also doing programming. Now in this age of ICT. Those countries who are developed in programming, are developed in ICT. And to be efficient in programming, absolutely the facilities and the number of programmer should be increased. Producing creative intelligent programmers deserves more importance. If you notice at the developed countries of the world like USA, UK, China, Japan, Russia and other country’s development, you can realize that they had implemented a major influence in the programming sector. This is why we can see that IT tech jayant like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Apple are from these countries. On the otherhand we can see that they are leading the world’s whole ICT system.

But, we are struggling behind them. Though we have some interruption, we are developing in this sector day by day. At before, in our universities there was a limited chance to learn programming. Only a few students of some specified subjects could manage to do programming. So, the number of programmer was very less then. Hopefully now, the government has realized the importance and necessity of programming. Programming now has been included in the curriculum of our school and college based text books.

Do you know? You even can learn programming, just you need the eagerness to learn. Actually, a sixth grade boy or girl can start learning programming. Now there are many tutorials, blogsite available in internet about how to learn programming. There are many programming languages available now. Such as C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Oracle, Fortran, Python etc. If you are a new apprentice, you should start with C programming language. Then being efficient on this you can learn more programming languages and enhance your skill.

The government and many social and educational institutions are arranging many programming competitions like High School Programming Competition, Informatics Olympiad etc. With an inspiration of these, students are now learning programming with massive importance and competitively. Amongst these students, some of them are participating in many international competitions and the programming skill of Bangladesh is being spread all over the world. Many of our Bangladeshi students are working in the tech jayant companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft etc. So, we can expect that, as we are now prioritizing programming, and further if we continue this, surely oneday, Bangladesh will produce Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more than those. And this day will come when Bangladesh will lead the world’s Information and Communication Technology System, through the spirit, skill and efficiency of her potential programmers.


by Sheikh Amir Hamza

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