Virtuality Versus Reality

Actually I was struggling with my thinking what to write for Sunshine. Through the struggle, I took my phone and logged in to Facebook and started to surf news feed. While I was about to log out I saw a post something like this,

“I am feeling so happy because I just met one of my childhood friends just few minutes ago and now we are gossiping together.”

That time suddenly a thing crossed my mind. In last Eid when we all cousins got together, most of the time, we were sitting together. But we were busy with social network instead of gossiping or doing things that cousins usually do when all they meet after years.

Social network! One of the major and important parts of our daily life in this twenty first century’s updated culture. To maintain a good relationship with the people we can’t meet easily, social network helps us in a distinct way. We can easily keep them in our touch. Social network helps us to keep away the feelings of their absence. And most of the time we can’t feel their absence, we can get their voice, clips, image everything just without getting their flesh before us. We can share our moments with whoever we allow in this virtual world.

Social network was basically innovated with the thought for making us more social, friendlier and to share our thinking, our special moments with the persons, who are related with us and whom we allow. And the purpose was obviously to create total impact of the concept in the reality, not virtually. That was really a good thought no doubt. But the problem starts when we start maintaining our sociality with the dwellers of our next door through social network. Now-a-days, the thing is going on like a way that the concept of making social network is reflecting completely, but not in our society, not in our real life, it’s reflecting on virtual society based on internet. And if that continues, no problem was with that. That was too good if, it wouldn’t have taken away the real sociality of us. For being social in our virtual world, now we forget to be social in our society. We forgot that, we have to be social, we have to be cordial in reality. Because, we belong to the reality not virtualty. We completely forgot that virtual is just only virtual, nothing more! We started living in the virtual world forgetting our real existence. We are making this part of culture as a culture!

Before, we were used to use our real voice to share our things with others but now the thing we do is, using alphabets. We now don’t feel the necessity of being face to face. And the thing is that, now-a-days may be we forget the feelings of gossiping, passing time with dearest people. At a word, being social in real life, we just forgot. Before, in our leisure, we used to go to our neighbors, to our friends or sat all the family members together and passed a great time. But now-a-days in our leisure we take our phone or open our PC and start to express our all kind of sociality in the virtual world with alphabets. Unnecessarily we express that to those who really don’t need. Before, on some one’s special moments we would’ve wished them standing in front of them with the shaking of hand or a hug. But now we do the only thing is, we wish through alphabets. Even we do so with our neighbors though, if we walk two steps we can face them! And we are getting social virtually and more unsocial really.

Now days we share all our special things at first at the virtual world and after that if there is time then with the real world. Social network created an impact on us something like that, if we don’t get ‘wow!’ type comments in the virtual world while we get that in the real world, we just take a regretful feeling. If we don’t get alphabetic wishes on our special days we feel harsh! In this period of time, we give virtual world more and more priority than real world. We stay busy in sharing our special moments in the network while we should focus on the moment going on. But through the moment, at first we do our duty of sharing in the virtual world!

There have been made an another society in social network. Yes, obviously that is good till we start to think we belong to that society. Social network helps us to maintain a sociality which is much needed. But we have to keep in mind that without that virtual society we live in a real society, where there is our family, friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers and many others. We have to be all kind of social, cordial with them. We’ve to express ourselves as a social one in our real society and that is the actual thing which is going on since the first flesh was in the earth. And that doesn’t mean that we now have to stop being in social network or we have to be out of that virtual society. We just have to feel what’s going on. We also have to be social in the network. But the main thing that we have to remember that real society with every ones flesh is the real thing, not the world of images and alphabets. Network doesn’t change us. We change the meaning and use of network. We are responsible for everything. We just have to feel what’s actually going on and the rest will be done by us.


by Hasin Shahriyar

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